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Hotel "Franz" — a 10 rooms that are historic center of Ivano-Frankivsk. Named
in honor of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, King of Galicia and Volodymeria

Franz Joseph I

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Franz Joseph I (18 August 1830, Laxenburg–21 November 1916, Vienna) — Austrian Empire Emperor and King of Bohemia from December 2, 1848, apostolnyy King of Hungary from December 2, 1848 to April 14, 1849 and 13 August 1849, King of Galicia and Volodymeriyi, from March 15, 1867 Chairman of the twin state — the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Ruled in '68. The eldest son of Archduke Franz Karl, son of Francis II and his younger brother Ferdinand I. Mother — Sophia of Bavaria. During the Austrian revolution of 1848 his uncle abdicated, and his father abandoned the right to inheritance, and 18-year-old Franz Joseph in charge of the Habsburg state.

A Hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk

In the historical part of the city near the Cathedral and the City Hall, the hotel "Franz" hospitably opens its doors to visitors. Following the example of Austria-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg who distinguished himself by discipline and love of order, all the employees adhere to high standards in their work. Therefore, cleanliness, order, style and comfort dominate at the hotel. All the features that the smartest hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk should have. You can reach any place from here, the most interesting things are quite near you: architectural monuments and museums, the philarmonic society and libraries, shopping and entertainment places, the city administration and the main transport major routes — are just within 5 minutes walking distance. "Franz" — is the very hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk where among hustle and bustle of the urban living organism you can stop, breathe the cool air of the central square and enjoy the moment of your life.

The hotel offers its guests 10 rooms to choose from. Along with the comfortable and convenient furniture a double bed with the orthopedic mattress that safely protects your sleep is a real decoration of your room. Each room is also equipped with TV, a shower (or a bathtub) and the Internet. If you wish to book a room in Ivano-Frankivsk, use the booking form or call: +38(066)817-11-73.

Elegant hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk

Stylish, convenient and comfortable — the exact three words that characterize the hotel "Franz" in Ivano-Frankivsk. Young married couples, families with children, people who came on business, tourists and visitors have comfortable staying at the hotel "Franz". Coming to Ivano-Frankivsk on different reasons, all these people have chosen our hotel in the centre of Ivano-Frankivsk — it is really a nice hotel. Ordering a room at our hotel you get:

  • The luxurious interior and space. It preserves the style of the 19th century and comfort of the 21th.
  • Comfort and excellent service. Our greatest concern is your perfect rest.
  • Great location in the downtown. You have time to go anywhere without hurrying.
  • Restaurant. Only delicious dishes.
  • Rooms at any price. Your wallet will be "thrilled".
  • Additional services: the Internet, a mini-bar , a safe. Little things that mean much.

Our hotel is a splendid choice for the people who value their time and cherish their rest. Would you need a convenient and stylish hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk? You are right, it is "Franz".